5. The Bells

When the tower was built, probably in the 14th century, it was fitted with an oak frame for a ring of four bells. The earliest record of the bells dates from 1539 when “the parishioners purchased the ‘great bell of the late Friars Minor’ for use in the parish church”. In 1552 there were four bells of 12 cwt., 14 cwt., 17 cwt. and 21 cwt. - an impressively heavy set by local standards. In 1569 the old framework was extended to accommodate a new treble bell but no further work had taken place since the 18th century.



The bells survived the fire. However, they were removed from the tower in 1985, together with the timbers of the old bell-frame, and a new cast-iron and steel frame designed to hold six bells was built into the tower in the same year.


The work of restoration was carried out at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. The five bells were replaced and rededicated in 1987 and a sixth, new treble bell, was cast, hung and dedicated in 1988.

The new treble bell inscription is:
Walsingham Parva
November 19th Anno Domini 1987
Alan Hughes made me

My name is Francis
Loud I’ll ring
for Mary
Mother of My King

The church currently does not have a bell ringing team and asks local church teams to assist on special occasions such as weddings.

Visting teams are welcomed and inital contact should be made with:

Mr Garry Getley

School Lodge
St. Peter's Road
Great Walsingham
NR22 6DW

01328 821475

Email:  garrygetley123@btinternet.com

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