3. Prayer Diary


Burnham and Walsingham Deanery

Prayer Diary

August 2018 – November 2018

Please Pray For:

the Parishioners, Clergy, Readers, Churchwardens and PCCs of the Churches within the

Burnham and Walsingham Deanery


Details of special events etc. for inclusion in this prayer diary

Should be sent to:

The Rural Dean, Revd Alan Elkins, 4 The Lawn,

Fakenham,  NR21 8DT

Tel.   01328 855075       E-mail: alanelkins@btinternet.com


Mrs Lynette Sutton Tel 01328 820560 E-mail:  Lynette06@live.co.uk

33 Cleaves Drive, Walsingham. NR22 6EQ



5th August                  Churches Together

12th August                Burnham Group of Parishes

                                    Rector – During their Interregnum

19th August                Fakenham and Fulmodeston

                                   Rector – The Revd Francis Mason

                                   Readers – Elaine Burbidge, Linda Frost and Amanda Sands

26th August                The Upper Wensum Village Benefice

                                    Rector – The Revd Robin Stapleford

                                    Reader – Richard Hirst

                                    A.W.A. – Gt Ryburgh – Miss Anne Prentis


2nd September          Bishop Jonathan Meyrick and Archdeacon

                                   Ecumenical Links within the Deanery, Churches Together

                                   and ways used to help foster links with Christians.

9th September          The Rural Dean, the Lay Chairman, Chapter Clerk,  Secretary,  and                                                  Treasurer. 

Please also pray for all the Deanery Synod representatives as well as for our representatives on Diocesan Synod

16th September        The Creakes Benefice

                                  Rector - Fr Clive Wylie; Reader – Peter Gray

                                  A.W.A.s - Chris Lewis, Barney Wordsworth, Richard Elliott

23rd September        All Retired Clergy for their invaluable work

30th September        Holkham Group of Parishes

                                  Rector – The Revd Brenda Stewart


7th October              Coxford Group of Parishes

                                 Rector – Fr Edward Bundock

14th October            The Snoring Group of Parishes

                                 Rector – Fr James Muggleton

21st October            Walsingham Group of Parishes and the Barshams

                                 During their Interregnum

                                 Reader – Anne Wilson

                                 The Priory of Our Lady, Walsingham

28th October            The Readers of the Deanery, also the Church Wardens,

                                 Treasurers, Secretaries, PCCs and all people who

                                 offer ministry within the life of the Church.


4th November           Administrator of the Shrine - Fr Kevin Smith

                                  Shrine Priest – Fr Andreas Wenzel

                                  All who work at the Shrine and who make pilgrimage

11th November         Hempton – Fr John Burgess

                                 Ordinand – Gary Gould

18th November         Churches Together

25th November         All Retired Clergy for their invaluable work

A Prayer for Peace

O God, whose will is to fold both heaven and earth in a single peace; let the design of your great love lighten upon the waste of our wraths and sorrows; and give peace to our Church, peace among nations, peace in our homes, and peace in our hearts through Jesus Church our Lord.  Amen

A Prayer for the Church

O God, we pray for your Church which is set today amid the perplexities of a changing order and is facing new tasks. Grant that, loyal to apostolic faith and order, it may interpret the gospel in terms relevant to this age, so that all people may worship Christ as their Lord and Saviour through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A Prayer for Harvest

O God, we thank you for the beauty of creation. May the achievements of men not disfigure it but enhance it to your greater glory. We thank you for the wealth of the world’s resources. May they not be squandered or wasted but shared justly among all people. Accept our gratitude for all your bounty, and hear our prayer, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.


In addition you are asked to remember the following in your prayers:-

1st, 2nd & 3rd August – Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage

10th August – 6pm - 1st Vespers of the Dead – S. Mary’s, Walsingham

11th August – 12noon - Mass – Shrine, Walsingham – 60th Anniversary of the death of the Restorer of the Shrine– Alfred Hope Patten (Priest)

15th August – WWI Commemorative Peals – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

24th - 27th August – Ryburgh Arts Festival

26th August – WWI Commemorative Peals – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

27th August – WWI Commemorative Peals – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

27th August – 12noon - Mass - Pilgrimage for Healing & Renewal – The Shrine, Walsingham

8th September – N.C.T. – Sponsored Cycle Ride

19th September – WWI Commemorative Peals – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

21st September – WWI Commemorative Peals – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

20th October – 9.30am – 2pm – October Market – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

22nd – 26th October – Families Pilgrimage, The Shrine, Walsingham

28th October – WWI Commemorative Peals – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

1st November – WWI Commemorative Peals – S. Andrew’s church, Great Ryburgh

23rd – 25th November – Young Adults ‘Adoremus’ Pilgrimage, the Shrine, Walsingham

30th November – 10am - Colkirk Rectory – Julian Meeting – 10am

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