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Benefice Eucharist with Baptism & Confirmaton

Bishop Norman Banks, Bishop of Richborough, was the Celebrant and Preacher at a well attended service at S. Peter's on 17th July, when Joseph Gould and Andrew Rodgers were Baptised and Confirmed together with Zinnia-Claire Booty, India Davies and Arthur Woodhouse.



Parish Pilgrimage

A parish pilgrimage, led by Fr Harri Williams, Parish Priest, to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham was made on Saturday 6th July 2019. It was the first pilgrimage involving Walsingham parishioners for many years.




Thank You to all Collectors who distributed and collected envelopes around the villages, or who had a tub in their shop, premises or restaurant. An extra special big Thank You to everyone who put money into those envelopes and collecting tubs, whether it was cash, coins, folding money or cheques.

The total collected from the Walsingham area was £756.00, a decrease on last year of £129.50. Unfortunately, Wells also suffered a decrease this year with a Grand Total of £2,258.90 being raised and donated to Sierra Leone Maternal Health Care, providing essential midwives and clinics.




St Mary’s Churchwardens: Maureen Howard & Stephen Parkinson

St Peter’s Churchwardens: Brian Landale (Vice Chairman of the PCC) & James Woodhouse

St Giles’ Churchwardens: Ann Fletcher & Cara Ross

Parish Treasurer: Stephen Parkinson

PCC Secretary & Electoral Roll Officer: Lynette Sutton

PCC Members: Sr Angela (Deanery Synod), Rita Miell, Marlene Keeling, Paolo Castagnoli, Stuart Grout, Graham Howard, Jonathan Bardwell, Pam Miller (Deanery Synod), Stephen Burgoine, Marc Booty, Ann Sayer, Bert Frew, Dianne Green, Brian Green (Co-Opted).

Safeguarding Officer: Helen Nolan.


PCC News

• A resolution was passed that an application be submitted for Jeremy Gash and Jonathan Bardwell to be licensed to administer Holy Communion in Church.

• A resolution was passed that faculty applications be made for St Mary’s to install guttering the West Porch and for the re-surfacing of the disabled car park in gravel with meshing.

• The Saturday 9.30am Mass would now take place at the Priory, from Easter Saturday onwards.



Fr Harri Williams SSC


On Monday 3rd December Fr Harry Williams SSC was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of the Benefice by The Rt Revd Jonathan Meryck, Bishop of Lynn and the Archdeacon of Lynn, The Ven Ian Bentley; the Preacher was The Rt Revd Norman Banks, Bishop of Richborough.


A full set of images of the ceremony

my be seen here




The Ecumenical Agreement 2018



At Solemn Vespers in the Shrine Church, filled to over-flowing, on Monday 24th September – the Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham – a new Covenant agreed between the Anglican and the Roman Catholic Shrines in Walsingham was announced and signed by Fr Kevin Smith (Priest Administrator of the Anglican Shrine) and Mgr John Armitage (Rector of the Roman Catholic Shrine). Messages from the Bishop of Norwich and the Bishop of East Anglia were read out to mark the occasion.





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