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Ab Abbot, Abbess; Ap,App Apostle(s); B Bb Bishop(s); BVM Blessed Virgin Mary; Dn, Dnn Deacon(s) Comp Companions; Dr, Drr Doctor(s); Evang Evangelist; M Mrr Martyr(s); P,Pp Popes; Pr Prr Priest(s); R, Rr Religious; S, Ss Saint(s); V, Vv Virgin(s);

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Saturday 7th September 2019 Our Lady on Saturday
Sunday 8th September 2019 THE BIRTHDAY OF THE BVM
10:00Parish Mass at East Barsham
Saturday 14th September 2019 THE EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS
 Our Lady on Saturday
Sunday 15th September 2019 OUR LADY AT THE CROSS
Saturday 21st September 2019 S MATTHEW Ap Evang
 Our Lady on Saturday
Monday 23rd September 2019 S. Pius of Pietrecelina
Tuesday 24th September 2019 Our Lady of Walsingham
Wednesday 25th September 2019 S. Sergei of Radonezh
10:30Macmillan Coffee Morning at the Vicarage
18:15Mass at The Priory
19:00PCC Meeting - The Priory
Thursday 26th September 201916:30Prayer & Pizza, Village Hall
Friday 27th September 2019 S. Vincent de Paul
Monday 30th September 2019 S Jerome PrDr
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